The Legend of Miami’s Monster Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass are one of Florida’s best kept fishing secrets. Before recent years few people living in the United States even knew they could be caught in their own back yards. Sought after for their highly aggressive behavior, drag pulling strength and eye pleasing colors. These fish have really set a name for themselves among the fishing community. They have proven themselves to be a formidable opponent and a delight to catch by anglers worldwide. If you have the privilege of hooking into one you better be ready since they do live up to every bit of their reputation taking advantage of any opportunity they might be given no matter the anglers experience level. One false movement on a larger Peacock and they are attempting to lodge themselves under a ledge or cutting you off on structure & debris. These are just a few of the reasons why they have earned themselves a top spot among the trophy contenders truly making them one of the most amazing fish to be caught in fresh water today.

If you have never had an opportunity to tango with one of these fish yet, you are probably wondering how a fresh water fish has earned such a legendary reputation and respect among diehard anglers. Well Peacock Bass evolved from a less forgiving part of the world known as the Amazon Rainforest, thus giving them an attitude and ferociousness needed to survive in such a fierce environment. This is why when they were introduced to South Florida back in the early 80’s they became one of its top predators almost immediately. They were originally brought in by local Biologist to control the growing population of undesirable fish and for sport fishing purposes by world famous hotelier Conrad Hilton. According to local anglers The Hilton Resort located on Blue Lagoon lake system next to the Miami international airport hosted the first ever fishing tournaments exclusively targeting Peacock Bass back in the 80’s & 90’s. Their original plan was to make the area a fishing destination and offer tournaments to attract more guests to stay at their Miami resort. Little did they know that these fish would excel in these waters and are relished by countless anglers year round.

Why are peacock bass only found in south Florida when they have the whole country to choose from? Well just like our local residents here they came to enjoy the hot bikini models and strawberry daiquiris our great state has to offer. Actually shortly after they were relocated here biologist discovered these fish had a great weakness. They were limited to Florida’s warmer regions due to their inability to survive in water cooler than sixty degrees for any prolonged period of time. This would limit how far north they could migrate without risk of being killed off. South Florida’s conditions best matched those seen in their natural habitat of the Amazon rainforest. This is why Miami has become the Mecca within the United States for anglers seeking to test their skills on one of these spectacular Urban-River-Monsters without even having to catch a flight Central or South America to find them. This has helped anglers check these fish off their bucket lists and document them with wonderful photos or even a custom made replica mount to be enjoyed for many years to come.  

Miami has an extraordinary high concentration of Peacocks bass among other exotics, this is likely why the state record has been caught and broken here several times in recent years. Our waters offer the best habitat for them to grow to their maximum potential size. The year round tropical weather protects them from their biggest threat often seen by our bordering county’s waters in the winter season. Peacock bass are not the only rare species our waters have to offer either. Other highly sought after exotics have come to call south Florida home as well for example the Giant Snakehead, Jaguar and Clown knife fish just to name a few all which are from other regions of the world survive and are doing well in our lakes and canal systems. While one has grown to expect hooking into multiple species of exotics as a common occurrence and even a nice bonus while on one of our exciting fishing charters. The real reason anglers comes to Miami and what people around the world have come to know us for is our specialty and talent of putting our clients on monster sized Peacock Bass.  Anglers travel here from far and wide to make an attempt at landing one of Miami’s Urban-River-Monsters. We truly do our part to put you on a prized fish and have proven ourselves among one of the best fishing guide outfitters South Florida has to offer. With over 30 years of local fishing knowledge we have the skill and hours on the water to put you on several fish of a lifetime. And if you are planning to bring the entire family, Miami has something to offer them as well including our world famous South Beach, world class shopping, many historic attractions and  year round amazing weather just to name a few of the draws our city has to offer. Let us turn your dream of catching one of these legendary peacock bass into reality and become an urban legend with us on the water today. We also offer Multi boat group rates for birthday parties & Bachelor party events. We got you covered what ever it takes.  For more info and questions please visit our website at  


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